Friday, May 6, 2016

A Weight Loss of 15 Pounds and My Fingers are Dancing... and Soon Will I!

Alright, my first foray into the interwebs comes with a weight loss bang. Not, not that kind of bang so get that out of your heads. Why a "bang" and not a "boom"? Well, to say the least, I'm inspired. And I wanted to burn some calories by flicking the fingers tips along the keyboard for a little while before digging into the work I'm supposed to be doing. Why I am inspired and squandering time that I should be spending on working on the report? Well, I'm about halfway through to my goal of losing 30 pounds. I'm down from 180 to 150. This is a big accomplishment for me. Hence the Bang!

This is the first time I'm down at my goal weight since probably 2003 or so. Damn time flies by, doesn’t it? Last time I was in great shape, I was working with a personal trainer at a hoity toighty gym in the city. Is toighty a word? It does here so quit yer yappin'. That was also the year when I decided to throw my life in a blender like we all do- with the husband and the kids and the mortgage payments and the blah blah blah.

I finally came up for air in 2016 and I'm really glad I did. I've lost 15 pounds, have a crap ton more energy and have even been sneaking in some wine on Thursday and Saturday nights. You know, I never really had much interest in wine until I went out to California and hit the wineries in Sonoma last year. Northern California is beautiful by the way- much more enjoyable that Los Angeles. If you're from LA- my heart goes out to you. I just don't know how you do it with the traffic and driving everywhere. The beaches were great, but I didn't partake much when I was there. Northern Cal is more my thing. It's a bit chilly most of the time, which was a mind blow when I went, but a hooded sweatshirt is all you need. Strange that you need that in July, but oh well.

Don't you miss the old days when you didn't know that everyone else lives a better life than you? Thank you Instagram and all the newfangled social media stuff. I actually love these things as they're a great way to kill time on a commute or on the bowl. Now I get to look at what you had for lunch while I wipe.

Well, the fingers are dancing right now, and they're moving way better than I was a year ago on the dance floor at my little cousin's wedding. Which, actually is one of the big reasons I decided to go on a diet and get my butt back in gear in the gym. One thing about dieting and trying to lose weight is that you really need to not think about it too much. Just find something that you think will work and go full force on it. I stumbled upon the dieting for weight loss page at mcnewsletters and had great success. *Say that in a Borat voice*. But seriously, just find a plan that's fun and easy and go for it.
My Diet is Fancy Feast
All that really matters is that we are here. Now. And happy and content. I used to think that being happy with over rated. But I think that's just because I was unhappy. You know what's strange? When you get used to something, you think that's just the way it is, and you cope. For example- I'd fell into an eating rut. My diet was just about whatever was around. I didn't really go crazy with mass quantities of food, but I was just eating the wrong stuff. Not fast food or anything, but stuff that just kind of slows your body down because your stomach is like, what the heck is this? But, I didn't realize it because I'd been eating that way for so long and feeling like that for so long that I just thought that it is what it is. but it's really not.

Once I started eating better quality foods, everything changed. Like... everything. Energy went through the roof, thighs started slimming down. I compare it to when you go away to a foreign country. We're so used to living where we do and take it for granted. Then you go somewhere else- like Italy or Spain, and they live so differently. All norms are flipped on their head. And they're happy! Stress free, they walk everywhere, eat tons of food- high quality foods- and they're not fat. They look great. And live longer than us. And dance a lot. And my fingers are going to need to stop dancing right now because my 15 minutes of break time are up and I have to get back to my project, but they'll be up and dancing again soon. I hope you enjoy. See ya!